Do the words “good enough” make you cringe?

As a predisposed Virgo, I have often blamed my Star sign for my perfectionist tendencies. If your need for everything to be “perfect” causes you stress and stops you from making progress in your life or business, there is a problem, but don’t worry we can fix it.

We’re all familiar with “plateaus” in dieting and exercise, but according to Bob Sullivan, co-author of The Plateau Effect: Getting from Stuck to Success, “If you’re still held captive by a fear of failure or trying new things, you’ve hit perhaps the most toxic plateau cause of all: perfectionism.”

If you have areas in your life where you stay stuck because you keep telling yourself that you have to wait until things are perfect before you moved forward. Can you consider that the voice of perfection is really your fear mind trying to protect you from a perceived threat?

When you actually think about it, the worst thing that can happen if you take a risk is that you might fail. Which is unavoidable if you are ever going to actually do anything. Fear of criticism and humiliation are usually at the root of fear of failure.  »

4 steps to move from confusion to clarity

You could say that I’m a clarity junkie. I’m obsessed with it. Or rather I’m obsessed about finding it. In the classroom I drove my teachers crazy as the kid who (apparently) asked too many questions. I ask you can you ever ask too many questions? In hindsight perhaps the Teacher needed to respond to […]

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Why you should share your vision

How recently have you shared your vision? This conversation could have taken place anywhere. Over a superb coffee, a shot of life-giving wheat grass or relaxing over a fine red wine. You see I believe deep down we all know exactly why we are here and the work we should be doing on the planet […]

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7 ways to find your sacred space.

This year I’m being faced with a house move and I’ve been thinking about my need to have a sacred space. I’m not talking about an altar or a room specifically for my private use only (although that would be amazing) I’m referring to a space in which I can simply be, with no attachments. […]

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How to change that feeling.

How do you feel about the work that you are doing right now on a scale of 1 to 10? I recently asked a leadership team just that. I didn’t ask them to label anything I merely asked them how they felt about their jobs. The results were staggering. 30% felt under acknowledged 30% felt […]

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