You could say that I’m a clarity junkie.

I’m obsessed with it.

Or rather I’m obsessed about finding it.

In the classroom I drove my teachers crazy as the kid who (apparently) asked too many questions. I ask you can you ever ask too many questions? In hindsight perhaps the Teacher needed to respond to my questions with better answers. ;-) The thing is I have been plagued by the art of asking questions my entire life, so much so that its become a major asset in my career as a Coach and Mentor. 

Whenever I’m working with clients I ask them lots of questions. Questions that are relevant to their needs. Questions that are designed to shift their thinking. Questions that are designed to give them clarity. 

You see we generally underestimate the art of questioning. Often the simple act of asking the RIGHT question will get you unstuck.

The challenge is that you often don’t know the questions to ask yourself and that’s when uncertainty sets in. You see the thing is that confusion precedes clarity.  Why you are getting into hot water is that you don’t know the questions that will remove your confusion and lead to clarity.

If you find yourself saying: I don’t know + I’m not sure + I don’t understand. Then you’re not alone. If you’re someone who usually has all the answers  then this can be a particularly unnerving experience. Here’s what you can do to move yourself out of uncertainty and into confidence.  »

Why you should share your vision

How recently have you shared your vision? This conversation could have taken place anywhere. Over a superb coffee, a shot of life-giving wheat grass or relaxing over a fine red wine. You see I believe deep down we all know exactly why we are here and the work we should be doing on the planet […]

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7 ways to find your sacred space.

This year I’m being faced with a house move and I’ve been thinking about my need to have a sacred space. I’m not talking about an altar or a room specifically for my private use only (although that would be amazing) I’m referring to a space in which I can simply be, with no attachments. […]

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How to change that feeling.

How do you feel about the work that you are doing right now on a scale of 1 to 10? I recently asked a leadership team just that. I didn’t ask them to label anything I merely asked them how they felt about their jobs. The results were staggering. 30% felt under acknowledged 30% felt […]

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How to change your story in 3 steps

Do you have something that is bothering you? I bet you are carrying around something that is holding you back and causing unnecessary suffering.  This little-big-thing is blocking you from the experiences, the outcomes and the opportunities you desire. If you haven’t yet achieved the success or life you desire then trust me there is […]

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