There comes a time in every business when the Owner, Founder, CEO or GM wonders what’s the purpose of this business?

Beyond the sales, the staff and the stock – what in God’s name is this business all about?

As a brand and business strategist I’ve had my fair share of these conversations and the reality is if you are a business Owner, Founder, CEO or GM and you’re not having them there is something seriously wrong with your business.

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The Great Robin Williams. 1951 – 2014

In memory of one of the greatest – Mr. Robin Williams. One of my favourite movies of all time first watched at the impressionable age of 13 whilst attending an all girls’ boarding school in Sydney, Australia was the influential Dead Poets Society. In one particularly memorable scene an inspiring but unorthodox Welton Academy English teacher […]

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Are you hiding your talent?

How you wake up each morning and the intention you have for your day are ultimately the only things that will make the most difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Over the past few months I’ve woken up each day to work on a project that I believe will make […]

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Take The 5 Minute Legacy Check-Up

After a certain age, many of us accept the responsibility (and the necessity) of regular physical check-ups. We are also willing to review our financial situation with some level of consistency.* So if money, medicine and meaning are all essential to a purpose filled life, we might be wise to take the lead from the […]

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7 Ways To Simplify

I am a strong believer that we all tend to overcomplicate things. From the project you are managing at work to what you’re cooking tonight. I bet your life could do with a bit of simplification right? Life is messy and sometimes overwhelming but the one factor you can control is you. In my practice […]

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What’s Your Motive?

What’s Your Motive? Two women were approached and asked to contribute to a worthwhile building project. An initiative that was intended to provide shelter for homeless women. One woman was wealthy and gave $10,000. She had been looking for a tax write-off, and when she learned that her name and business would be broadcast in […]

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Gnothi Seauton–Know Thyself

The words Gnothi Seauton–Know Thyself were once inscribed above the entrance to the temple of Apollo at Delphi. History tells us that people would visit the Oracle eager to discover what destiny had in store for them or what course of action to take in a particular situation. But it’s more than likely that the […]

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Why you should get out of your own way and accept failure.

Failure in our society is seen as a devastating event. The end of the world. The unspeakable truth. An immovable psychic monolith. But the reality is, if you’re not failing. You’re not winning either. You are stuck in the land of mediocrity with an expired excellence stamp in your passport. It’s time for a quick […]

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Are you a problem solver or problem finder?

In the past, successful people were those who were good problem solvers. They could take different bits of data, crunch them together and weave an elegant solution to the problem. They existed in various fields social, technological, environmental, educational the list goes on. Yet, take a look around you. Problem solvers are now defunct. It’s […]

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How to get unstuck and move forward fast

Are you deceiving yourself? I know what you’re thinking. Wow, this week she is getting straight to the point. But this week folks I need to, someone I love dearly is deceiving themselves. And they need to get unstuck – fast. I’m sure it started out innocently enough, but the deception has got to stop. The tricky […]

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How to step out of your comfort zone without falling apart

When I sat down to write this post I gave serious thought to its title. Running a profitable business and living a purposeful life will, from time to time ask you to do and be many different things. And sometimes the pressure to do and be those things will get too much. It’s called burn […]

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The 5 Steps of Purpose to Profit

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in business for a week, a month, a year or a decade I’m sure you will agree that the journey is a constant dance of ACTION + REACTION TRIAL + ERROR PROCESS + PROGRESS LEARNING + RELEARNING Whilst some Entrepreneurs find it increasing difficult to manage the merry-go-round of […]

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Why it’s hard to be authentic.

How authentic are you? At work? At life? At home? The isn’t an accusation or a judgement, it’s a very simple and important question.  If you can answer this question honestly, without judging yourself (remember that’s VERY hard for most people), you’re well on your way to living your legacy. So who are you really? […]

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